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Bristol/ECW Railbus

As part of the railbus project, two railbuses were ordered from Bristol/ECW. Based on bus practice, for which Bristol and Eastern Coachworks were well known, they were allocated to the Scottish Region. They were not a success and were soon out of service.

This is the one railbus not mentioned in Heljan's plans, so I decided to try and obtain a one by another method. MTK usd to produce a white metal kit many years ago. This range was taken over by NNK and subsequently Phoenix-Precision. Produced in small runs, they are tricky to get hold of. However, as luck would have it, I managed to acquire one.

This is a very basic kit, there are only seven parts! Four half sides, two cab ends and a floor, the builder having to make their own roof and provide motorising options.

The above photograph shows the kit as supplied. The castings require a bit of cleaning up, but the kit should capture the character of these railbuses. I will motorise the kit with the High Level Kits Pacer unit.

Body Primed

Quite a bit of work has been done to get the body to this stage. As a roof wasn't supplied in the kit, I had to fabricate one out of brass sheet. It seems to fit quite well and you can hardly see the join! As with other kits of MTK heritage, quite a bit of filling, filing, rubbing down etc. are needed. When I was reasonably happy with the body, I sprayed it with primer to see how it looks. Not too bad. I have drilled out the lights at both ends. The intention here is to insert some lighthouse LED's in the middle left and right. The other light holes will be filled with a clear plastic rod and will be non working. Next is to progress with the chassis and produce a working model.

Railbus painted and glazed